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Few weeks ago the guys from Google Team finalized Pwnium 3 contest regarding Google Chrome OS Security. Only one person signed as 'PinkiePie' was able to hack their browser and set up three zero-day vulnerabilities! On this occasion Hack Insight Team decided to explore this topicin details. This time our experts prepared 4 technical articles concerning different ways of securing Chrome OS. 

Mr. Walter Cuestas presented the way to bypass Kernel protections where he shows us how to develop exploits for Windows getting vulnerability application. Mr. Vikas Kumar, our trusted author who prepares for us the articles based on his own research every month, teaches us how to manage our website passwords in the Chrome browser. Mr. Jeyanthi B. who is on his final year of the IT Security faculty at Mepco Schlenk Engineering College describes in the article the way of creating Google Chrome Extension. It is really useful when you want to add new functionality to the Google Chrome browser.

‘The Security basics in Chromium OS’ written by Mr. Eduardo Cuthbert gives us a broad view on the main topic. Right below you can find another great, complementary article concerning the similar issue - 'Securing a Linux desktop: removing unwanted services' prepared by Mr. Steven Wierckx. Both articles will provide you with a full overview of the topic. Let us know if you enjoy these articles, the authors are willing to continue their thoughts in the next Hack Insight publications!

This issue ends with the Data Archiving article prepared by the duo of our regular contributors : Mr. Miroslav Ludvik and Mr. Radek Pilar who are going on with their series of the Data Security compendium (the first part available in the January issue of Hack Insight). Special thanks for our beta-testers’ & reviewers’ team – your valuable advice, devoted time and huge effort made this publication worth reading! :) Have a nice time exploring described topics and…

… Enjoy the hacking! 
Hack Insight Team

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