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  1. I want to subscribe to HackInSight, how can I do it?

Choose your best option from the ones visible in the SUBSCRIPTION bookmark. Then, our system will guide you through all the necessary procedures.

  1. Is it possible to pay for the subscription in other currency than dollars?

HackInSight cooperates with PayPal. You can pay for the subscription with the currency of your country but the system will automatically convert the payment into American dollars.

  1. How can I get a discount?

Contact our Editorial Team to discuss currently available promotions. Bear in mind that we offer a fixed discount for students and companies.

  1. How can I become an author of HiS articles?

You can publish your articles in HackInSight only if you’re an experienced hacker or researcher. Send us your CV or the sample of your writings and our team will present you the details of standard co-operation with the Authors.

  1. How else can I influence the content of your magazine?

If you feel that writing articles is not your cup of tea but you want to start your adventure with HiS anyway – help us create and develop this website! We invented the NEWS bookmark for people like you. Send us the Hacking News at info@hackinsight.org and we will publish it with your personal signature. This is the way to help young , ambitious people create their own brand under their own name with a slight help from HiS service. Amazing, isn’t it?:)

  1. I want to start my career with HiS – what’s the first step?

Contributing to our magazine is a remunerative thing.  You may apply for a new job in your living area sending us your CV in bookmark where different job advertisements addressed to ethical hackers and IT Security professionals are available. 

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