How to Change Device Name on iPhone 15: A Step-by-Step Guide

Changing the device name on your iPhone 15 is super simple and can be done in just a few steps. First, tap on the Settings app, then go to General. From there, tap on About, and you’ll find the Name field at the top. Tap on it, enter the new name you want for your device, and hit Done. Voilà, your iPhone 15 now has a fresh new name!

How to Change Device Name on iPhone 15

In this section, we’ll walk you through the steps to change the name of your iPhone 15. Whether you want to personalize your device or make it easier to identify on a network, these steps will guide you through the process.

Step 1: Open the Settings App

First, tap on the Settings app on your iPhone 15’s home screen.

The Settings app is where all the magic happens! It’s the hub for adjusting your device’s preferences and configurations.

Step 2: Tap on General

Next, scroll down and tap on General.

The General section houses various settings for your iPhone, making it essential for tasks like updating software, managing storage, and yes, changing your device name.

Step 3: Tap on About

Now, tap on About at the top of the General settings menu.

The About section provides detailed information about your device, including its name, software version, and more. This is where you’ll find the option to change your device’s name.

Step 4: Tap on Name

In the About section, tap on Name, which is usually the first item on the list.

This field displays your current device name. By tapping on it, you’ll be able to edit and enter a new name for your iPhone 15.

Step 5: Enter the New Name

Finally, type the new name you want for your iPhone and hit Done.

Make sure to choose a name that’s easy to remember and identifies your device uniquely, especially if you have multiple devices.

After you complete these steps, your iPhone 15 will immediately update with the new name. This change will be reflected on all networks and devices that can see your iPhone.

Tips for Changing Device Name on iPhone 15

  • Keep It Simple: Choose a name that’s easy to remember and type.
  • Be Unique: Use a name that stands out, especially if you have multiple Apple devices.
  • Avoid Personal Info: Don’t use sensitive information like your full name or phone number.
  • Update Other Devices: If you use AirDrop or Personal Hotspot, consider changing their names too for consistency.
  • Check for Spaces: Make sure there are no unnecessary spaces in the new name for a clean look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use special characters in my iPhone’s name?

Yes, you can use special characters in the name. However, stick to letters and numbers for better compatibility.

Will changing the device name affect my apps or data?

No, changing the name won’t impact your apps or data. It’s purely a cosmetic change.

How often can I change my iPhone’s name?

You can change it as often as you like. There are no limits or restrictions.

Is the new name visible to others?

Yes, the new name will be visible on networks and when sharing files via AirDrop.

Can I change the name back to the original?

Absolutely! Just follow the same steps and enter the previous name.


  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap on General.
  3. Tap on About.
  4. Tap on Name.
  5. Enter the new name.


Changing the device name on your iPhone 15 is not only straightforward but also a great way to personalize your device. Whether it’s for easier identification on networks or just for a touch of personal flair, this small change can make a big difference. Don’t forget to keep it simple and unique, avoiding any sensitive personal information.

If you found this guide helpful, why not explore more of our articles on other iPhone features and tips? The world of iPhone customization is vast and exciting, and there’s always something new to learn. Make the most of your iPhone 15 by exploring all the tweaks and settings available. Now go ahead, change that device name and make your iPhone truly yours!