How to Invert Colors on iPhone 15: A Step-by-Step Guide

Inverting colors on an iPhone 15 is a neat trick that can help reduce eye strain, make text easier to read, or just give your screen a fresh look. It’s super simple and can be done in just a few steps. By following this guide, you’ll learn how to change your iPhone’s display to a different color scheme quickly and easily. Let’s dive in!

How to Invert Colors on iPhone 15

Inverting colors on your iPhone 15 will switch the current color scheme to its opposite, making light colors dark and dark colors light. This can be particularly helpful for people with visual impairments or simply for those who prefer a different look.

Step 1: Open Settings

Navigate to your iPhone’s home screen and tap on the "Settings" app.

The Settings app has all your phone’s configurations. Opening it is the gateway to accessing many features, including the accessibility settings we’ll be using.

Step 2: Go to Accessibility

Within the Settings menu, scroll down and tap on "Accessibility."

The Accessibility menu is designed to help users customize their iPhone experience. Here, you’ll find various options that can enhance the usability of your device.

Step 3: Tap on Display & Text Size

Find and tap on "Display & Text Size" within the Accessibility menu.

This section lets you adjust various visual settings on your iPhone, ranging from text size to color schemes.

Step 4: Enable Classic Invert

Toggle the switch next to "Classic Invert" to turn it on.

Classic Invert reverses the colors of your display. It’s an older feature but still effective for those who need or prefer this visual change.

Step 5: Enable Smart Invert (Optional)

Toggle the switch next to "Smart Invert" to turn it on if you prefer.

Smart Invert is a more advanced version of Classic Invert. It inverts most of the colors but leaves images, media, and some apps in their original color schemes for a better viewing experience.

After you’ve completed these steps, your iPhone’s colors will immediately invert based on the option you selected. Classic Invert will reverse all colors, while Smart Invert offers a more nuanced approach. You can always switch back by following the steps again and toggling off the inversion options.

Tips for Inverting Colors on iPhone 15

  • Experiment with Both Modes: Try both Classic Invert and Smart Invert to see which one suits your needs best.
  • Accessibility Shortcut: Set up the Accessibility Shortcut to quickly toggle color inversion on and off by triple-clicking the side button.
  • Low Light: Use color inversion in low-light conditions to reduce eye strain.
  • Battery Life: Be aware that constant use of color inversion may affect battery life, though the impact is generally minimal.
  • Testing Apps: Not all apps handle color inversion equally. Test your frequently used apps to see how they display.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can inverting colors save battery life?

No, inverting colors typically doesn’t save battery life on iPhones, especially those with OLED screens like the iPhone 15.

Will it affect how my photos look?

Using Classic Invert will invert all colors, including photos. Smart Invert usually leaves media unchanged.

How do I quickly turn off color inversion?

You can quickly turn it off by going to Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size, then toggling off the inversion.

Is this feature available on all iPhones?

Yes, color inversion is available on all iPhones running iOS 11 or later.

Can I schedule color inversion to turn on at a specific time?

No, currently, iOS doesn’t support scheduling color inversion.


  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to Accessibility.
  3. Tap on Display & Text Size.
  4. Enable Classic Invert.
  5. Enable Smart Invert (Optional).


Inverting colors on your iPhone 15 is a straightforward process that can be done in just a few taps. Whether you need it for visual comfort, aesthetic preferences, or accessibility reasons, this guide makes it easy to switch your display’s color scheme. Remember that you can always revert the changes if it doesn’t suit your needs.

Feel free to explore the other accessibility features on your iPhone as well. They are designed to make your device more customizable and user-friendly. If you found this guide helpful, consider sharing it with friends and family who might benefit from knowing how to invert colors on their iPhone 15. Happy customizing!