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What you will find inside this issue:

1. DDoS Tutorial:
- What is a distributed attack?
- "2014 DDoS attacks: Its Getting Dangerous"
- Types of DoS Attacks
- Difference Between DoS and DDoS Attack
- Preventing Denial of Service Attacks
- How to use LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon) - full tutorial with detailed explanation.
- Load Balancing Detector (lbd)
- WAFWoof Tutorial

2. Security Testing for Debian and Apache:
- Security Testing: A brief overview
- Customizing test Cases
- Tools for assessing security posture of Debian linux
- Tiger overview - a package consisting of Bourne Shell scripts, C code and data files which is used for checking for security problems on a UNIX system
- Chkrootkit
- Security Assessments for Apache Server
- Phpsecinfo
- NMAP Scripts

3. Hacking – Hands-on:
- How to hack a Windows System
- Exploitation Tutorial using Backtrack and Kali Linux Platforms

4. High Orbit Ion Cannon (HOIC):
- Overview and description,
- Booster File Example
- Attack Scenario
- HTTP Requests and Server responses
- HOIC (Low/Medium/High) – Using Booster Script
- Recommended Mitigation

Enjoy the hacking! 
Hack Insight Team

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