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​Dear Readers,

Nowadays almost everything is wireless. We are presenting this wide topic and exploring its Black Hat's side. In this issue you will read all about informative aspects of Wireless security and learn new tricks in accordance with "security through obscurity" motto. 

Mr. Krunoslav Rukavina prepared the >>Cracking Wi-Fi<< article and showes how to create our own lab under the attack. The guide with advanced methods reveals the long-time secret: how to crack WiFi step by step. What else to add - you can easily implement it on your own console! Mr. Vikas Kumar, similary as Mr. Rukavina, shows us how to hack WiFi but this time with BackTrack 5.0! Reading the article you follow his way of thinking with the help of advanced shellcode structures. Ms. Pragati Ogal Rai is a Web App expert working for eBay and PayPal - she has a huge knowledge in this area and decided to show us how to Secure Android applications in an insecure Mobile Ecosystem. This is one of the newest IT Security trends which Hack Insight proudly presents. In the end of this article you are sure that it's possible to consciously protect valuable data on your personal Android device. 

Two articles closing this release written by Mr. Jon Zeolla and Mr. Miroslav Ludvik give us the informative aspects of Breaking Into WiFi and the Penetration Testing. This is their own unique content which helps us master the hacking skills day by day. Special thanks for all the beta and copy editing team. Without your effort Hack Insight wouldn't be the same! 

Enjoy the Hacking. 
Hack Insight Team

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