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Dear IT Security Enthusiasts,

We are all the active users of social media services. We enjoy sharing the details of our lives, pictures and interesting content with our friends there but ... are these processes secured enough? In this issue we will show you the insights of Facebook and LinkedIn security details. You can learn something new about their vulnerabilities, different ways of hacking accounts and much more! 

The first article concerns ways of cracking FB accounts. Author presents different methods based on his 14-year research. Undoubtfully, this knowledge can help you in securing your own account on Facebook. 

Two articles in this release describe the dark side of LinkedIn. Our authors (Ms. Marta Pardo and Mr. Ahmad Saleh) give us the real results of their own research carried out on this huge site. We can read: 'everyone uses LinkedIn without knowing the risks they face by using this social network'. Take a detailed look at these articles and draw the appropriate conclusions! 

The next article presents the information and practical shell-codes helpful with fighting the biggest Facebook worm - Koobface. The author gives us the details about the source of the infection. We also get the information how to prevent its attack. The last article describes penetration testing that attempts to exploit any of the vulnerabilities, weakness and technical flaws of the system to gain unauthorized access. Well written article by Ms. Priyanka Tomar! 

We would like to thank our Beta Team who do their best to make our issues better and better. 

Enjoy the hacking!
Hack Insight Team

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